What Can I Customize?

You can customize several areas of this website. Your customization choices will be saved using cookies on your own PC so that when you return to this website your custom settings will be remembered. Your Pc must be set up to accept cookies.

You can customize:

  • Text size. Select sizing bar on the sidebar between small, medium and large text size.
  • Access keys. No default access keys are defined.
  • Website colors. Choose from three predefined website skins.
  • Skip links. Chose between textual and graphical links.

Main Menu Access Keys

Define Custom Access Keys

Please choose access keys that best suit your needs or requirements of software you may be using.

Please enter access keys of your choice. You may select letters A thru Z or numbers 0 thru 9.

There are no access keys defined.

Select Website Skin

On each page we have provided skip links which keyboard only users and screen reader users will appreciate because it will give them the ability to skip over repetitive content, such as menu options, and go directly to next section of the website. Textual links will display text only (eg. Top | Skip) and graphical links will display Top skip link Skip link