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Glass City FCU Website Launch (Aug 2010)

We have launched our 30+ website ~ Glass City Federal Credit Union ( and here is what they had to say about it...

The organization, development and presentation of the new site are all top-notch. The process was clearly explained to us, and there were no "surprises" along the way. Everything that was promised, was delivered! No improvements that I can think of. The entire experience was very positive.

Melanie Ogrodowski
Director of Marketing
Glass City Federal Credit Union

Follow this link to see the project description of the Glass City Federal Credit Union website

Here are some of features/improvements that Accessible Web Studio, Ltd. made to Glass City Federal Credit Union's website:

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Standards compliant HTML

  • Cross browser compatible
  • Fast to download
  • Website easy to maintain / easy re-design
  • Foundation for Accessibility compliance with Section 508

Section 508 Compatible – W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0)

  • Barriers to accessibility for disabled eliminated or minimized
  • Access to the website open to the widest audience
  • Proper color contrast maintained for color-blindness
  • Proper keyboard only navigation possible for motor-disabled
  • User programmable access keys
  • Skip links built in for quicker navigation via screen readers or keyboard only
  • Focus indication for all hyperlinks ~ users know where the focus is and what will happen if they select the <Enter> key.
  • All images have ALT tags ~ alternative; text explanation of what the image represents which screen readers utilize.
  • Text sizing ability has been added; Selected text size is saved via cookies.

Improved Usability and New Features

  • Overall organization of the website has been improved with most commonly sought features easily found such as login to Home Banking, reordering checks, and information on how to join the Credit Union.
  • Skip links, access keys, focus indication all make access to the website information easier
  • Breadcrumbs are implemented allowing the visitor to directly go to a page they have visited a few clicks ago.
  • A prominent link to Facebook
  • A prominent link to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is added ~ subscribers will receive news from GCFCU in their news aggregators. This is a way to “push” information to clients/members who subscribe to the feed.
  • Site search is added and implemented via Google search and will allow a search of the website for particular keywords.
  • News blog search is added and will allow a search of older posts.
  • Three separate style sheets are implemented: default, handheld, and wide for various monitor sizes and devices. The default style sheet is for monitors 800x600, handheld for mobile browsers, and wide for wide format monitors. Users can select the preferred style and browsers will “remember” the setting via cookies.
  • Custom error pages, for example if there is a page on the website that cannot be found a custom error page will be displayed with suggested actions.

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